Padded rooms provide safety and seclusion for those with variable challenging behaviours and special needs. Rooms may be fully padded, with bespoke wall and floor pads covering all surfaces in the room, or safe areas and spaces created within larger rooms.

Typically, padded rooms are used as chill-out, quiet, calming and de-escalation rooms. The protective wall and floor pads help protect clients from impact injuries caused from collision with hard surfaces. In addition, the safe areas or padded rooms may also form the basis for the development of a sensory room.

Padded room showing corner fitting
Padded room safe area at children's hospital

Padded Room Bespoke Design Service
We have extensive experience in the design of these rooms; project briefs have included requirements to protect both clients and the fabric of the room. Our fully bespoke service ensures that specific challenging behaviours are addressed and the comfort and safety of the client is maintained and accommodated within the overall design. We have installed projects for NHS and Private Hospitals, Secure Units, Care Homes, Respite Centres and Schools.

Padded room floor and wall pads Padded room pads fitted around window Padded room showing fitting around door

Wall and Floor Pad Manufacture
To create an ideal, safe environment, wall pads are manufactured from various densities of impact absorbing foam, factory mounted onto boards and covered with a highly durable, easily cleaned PVC fabric. The PVC polymer is formulated with high specification non-toxic additives and is easily disinfected to maintain its inherent hygienic properties.

Installation of Floor and Wall Pads
Our teams of specialist fitters ensure the secure fixing of the wall pads and use several different techniques to accommodate doors, windows, radiators and other items that may be located within the room. Our fitters are all CRB checked to the enhanced level and display clear identification whilst on site.

Wall and Floor Pad 'Supply Only' Service
We also offer a supply only service for our wall pad and floor pad products.

Complimentary Products
Padded rooms can be enhanced by our range of complimentary products, which includes all-foam chairs, sofas, tables and stools, plus all-foam waterproof beds, mattresses and waterproof bedding.


All foam chair All-foam chair hygienic cover All-foam chair with armrests
All-foam sofa All-foam hygienic stool All-foam hygienic stool round
all-foam waterproof bed All-foam chair wide


About Link Design
Link Design specialises in creating solutions to address the needs of those cared for in very demanding environments and where the challenging behaviour of individuals needs to be safely managed. The range of products we offer, in addition to our padded rooms and safe areas, includes hygienic and waterproof items, armchairs, sofas, dining furniture, TV cabinets and chill-out seating. Our clients include Secure Units, Schools, NHS and Private Hospitals, Care Homes and Respite Centres.

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